Monday, April 6, 2015

The Greatest Lotion, Ever!

     DRY SKIN!!! Ugh.What a bother. It seems like everywhere I go, I'm leaving little pieces of me behind. So gross, right? My daughters and I all have this super dry skin problem. So much so, I look like a walking powder puff. It's not a pretty thing as you could imagine. The worst part is after I apply my makeup you can always see the ever so highlighted and hideous skin flakes make a more visible appearance.
     I have tried every other lotion known to man. Every other cream and every other oil. Nothing seems to do the job of hydrating my skin and keeping it looking young and healthy.  Until I found this "best ever body lotion" recipe on Pintrest. My first thought is "Best ever. Right!" If something this simple can be the "best ever", maybe I might just give it a try and if it doesn't work, I'll just let my girls have it.  So I went out and bought the ingredients to make this miracle concoction. All you need is one (27oz) bottle of baby lotion, ( I went with the Equate Night Time Lotion. It is lavender scented and hypoallergenic. I figured, "Why Not." If its soothing aromas help my kids with a restful nights sleep, I'm all for it.) two (4oz) jars of Fruit f the Earth Vitamin E skin care cream, and a 8oz jar of petroleum jelly. ( I went with the Cocoa butter enriched.)

     When you have all your creams ready, dump them into a large mixing bowl. Keep your canisters, you're going to reuse them. Using your Mixmaster, mix the cream together until it looks smooth. Now your going to need to get all that cream back into the canisters unless you have a better place to store it. I didn't. If you have a funnel, it makes this process a lot easier, but I didn't. I did, but one of my kids took off with it last summer. Had something to do with a water balloon launcher and I haven't seen it since. But anyways, back to topic. Being I did not have a funnel, I just used a icing piping bag. Worked great! Fill your container back up and store away for use. You could even beautify a few Manson jars and give them away as gifts. There you have it friends, as simple and inexpensive lotion you can make at home.
     It has been a few days since I started using this lotion on myself and girls and I have to say, I am impressed. My skin has a much more healthy appearance and is soooo soft. The lotion itself smells good and if you are like me and worried about being a walking saltine cracker, it gives you peace of mind and a relief from itching.