Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Marvels Jessica Jones

     Holy Cow! Seems like Hell's Kitchen has its bout of sinister and emotionally disturbed villains; let's just say Kilgrave may be the worst of them all. With his power of coercive persuasion, his motive for obtaining the life he wants and who he wants comes at a cost to all who cross his path. The more blood that involuntarily covers the hands of his victims, the more it fuels his thirst to  
manipulate and destroy.

      Who is daring enough to stop the nefarious crimes of "The Purple Man", Zebediah Kilgrave? His former victim, Jessica Jones and her band of Kilgrave survivors, including Luke Cage, are willing to do whatever it takes to revenge themselves and the ones they hurt under this puppet master's control. With her kick-butt strength, she delivers more than just an ordinary cross hook and leg sweep to whomever gets in her way of tracking down her archenemy. She is definitely not a broad you want to pick a fight with. That's for sure.
     In her determination to spare innocent lives, she is willing to go above and beyond what she can mentally, physically and emotional handle. Jessica will do whatever it takes with whatever leads and resources she has to bring justice to the helpless souls of Kilgrave's army and gain victory over what he took from her.
     Without giving to much away and risk ruining your viewing experience with Hell's Kitchen one and only, Jessica Jones; I will keep the spoilers to a bare minimum.The series overall draws and keeps your attention while adding much irritation to the malicious malefactor,Kilgrave. He really is a jerk-face I'd never want to meet. The role played by David Tennant (aka The 10th Dr. on Dr. Who) gives you chills and makes watching certain scenes unbearable and uncomfortable. He gives an amazing performance that notably gives him credibility outside of his well-known intergalactic character Dr. Who.

      Krysten Ritter also delivers an astonishing performance in this somewhat super heroic roll, as she takes on the character of the troubled private investigator, Jessica Jones. Her cunning way of channeling the character's tortured soul and the nonchalant way she tosses her assailants through walls, revels Ritter's talents go beyond "supernatural" proportions. In my opinion she sets the bar high for other actresses who may be set to play this role in the future.

If you're a serious Marvel fan, you won't want to miss this on-the-edge-of-your- seat series. The only downfall is that it is defiantly not a family friendly crime fighting adventure, so viewer discretion is advised for children. It is rated TV-MA so you may want to send your kids to bed. You can find Jessica Jones streaming on Netflix now.

     If and when you have watched the full series of Marvel's Jessica Jones, I highly suggest watching Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix as well. Both these series as well as the upcoming 2016 Netflix series Marvel's Luke Cage will lead you up to Marvel's Defenders also set to premiere in 2016 on Netflix,which will also include Iron Fist.  

     I hope you found this review worthwhile and that it somewhat invoked your curiosity into the viewing of  Marvel's Jessica Jones. Also as a side note, make sure to keep your eyes open for the Stan Lee Easter egg.

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