Saturday, January 16, 2016

Walking Pharmacy

        You know what's embarrassing? When you leave the house without doing the important things like brushing your teeth or putting on deodorant. It never fails, you always run into that one person who you never want to see you looking like a hot mess. 
      Admit it, we've all done the pit niffs and the bad breath tests before meetings,luncheons and dates. We have all at one time or another rolled up to an important function looking like we just rescued a litter of dogs with the ungodly amount of animal fur that attached itself to you as you past Fido in the hall. 
      It's not enjoyable going about your day in fear someone might make mention of that patch of fur you can't shake off your coat sleeve, or that suspicious smell that may or not be you, and that freakishly large stain on your pant leg. It's always humiliating when people cast judgey eye glances and point finger towards you because your temporally not at your best. But then again, who really is?
    Do you need that extra security of having the essentials everyone needs for those "just in case emergencies''? I have the solution for you. It's call, The Walking Pharmacy. It's a very handy collection of all the necessities you're always wishing you had in your purse, and if you by chance do have them; they are swimming at the bottom of your bag. Who has time to mine though their bag? Certainly not me.

      Do you like the idea of having the convince of your medicine cabinet in your purse at all times? If you do, all you have to do to build your own Walking Pharmacy is to first find yourself a cute little makeup/toiletry bag suitable for what you want to carry in it. I chose an Orla Kiely cosmetic bag from Target. I believe I paid around $17. This specific bag is not available online at Target anymore, but I have seen it in a few stores. They are pretty hard to come by. So if you like this particular bag, keep your eyes peeled. 
     The thing I love about Orla Kiely, cosmetic bags is that they are very versatile when it comes to storage. They are also made out of pleasantly easy to wipe fabrics, have heavy duty zippers and most importantly they are super fashionable. I have even thought about picking up a couple more for my daughters who would love them as on the go mini art kits for all their colored pencils, markers and papers. See versatile!!

    This bag really packs a punch when it comes to space and storage of everything I need to carry. For being a small case it sure holds quite a bit. My kit has been a life saver more than once; not just for me but for my whole family. Here is a list of everything I carry in my Walking Pharmacy.

  1. Floss Picks
  2. Cough Drops
  3. Vitamin C Drops
  4. Palmers Coco Butter Lotion
  5. Red Cross Digital Thermometer
  6. Nail file
  7. Tide To Go Pen/ Shout Whips
  8. Women's Care Products
  9. Lens Wipes
  10. Band-Aid (A lot of them)
  11. Alcohol Wipes
  12. Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen
  13. Baby Phat Perfume
  14. Colgate Wisps
  15. Orajel
  16. Carmex
  17. Visine Eye Drops
  18. Antibiotic/Pain Relief Cream
  19. Hydrocortisone Cream
  20. Small Travel Pill Container w/Tums and Allergy Relief Pill
  21. Bottle of Aleve
  22. Small Mirror
  23. 1 Lipton Tea and Honey Mix Packet
  24. Abreva Lip Medication
  25. Odds and Ends Kit- see contents below
And I have room to add more!!!
      My Odds and Ends Kit contains the small things that require much effort when searching for. The container itself is a travel size Q-Tips container which is the perfect size to fit in my cosmetic bag. It includes: bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers, hair clips and ties, safety pins, Velcro, and a small tape measure.

You're probably thinking; do you really need to carry around all of this junk?
Trust me, I do. I have uses for everything I carry.
Velcro, really? What could you possible need this for?
Fashion emergencies, duh!
  And what about the tape measure?
 I am a home décor/crafting guru. An accurate measurement is crucial to the balance and shape of everything I create. 
Ok, ok. I'll give you those, but what about all those bobby pens, do you actually use them all?
Of course I use ALL those bobby pens. Are you crazy! I'm a mother of three girls. Bobby pens are the band aids of the hair/fashion world. They fix everything.
Well, gosh. You really are a smart and prepared young lady who has it together. I wish I was more like you.
Keep wishing. I'm one of a kind, baby. One-Of-A-Kind!
      But you can make your own Walking Pharmacy and have the luxury of carrying everything you need in a small convent bag that you can toss into your purse, carry in your diaper bag, keep in the car or even in your work desk. Trust me when I say this, once you have this little gem hanging around, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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  1. Awesome post. Gotta love a person who thinks ahead.